Race.  Reminisce.  Repeat.  

AHRMA National and Regional Coordinators

Our coordinators are volunteers who organize our events, water the tracks, lay out sections, and are our tireless leaders. If you have questions about an event, our would like to host and event, they can assist you.

AHRMA Southeast Regional Coordinators

Beno Rodi    Dirt Track  (770) 867-1676 
Tim Terrell  Motocross/Cross Country (336) 260-1615  
Scotty and Judy Smith   Scoring and Standings    

AHRMA Southeast Regional Rider Grading Committee

Beno Rodi   (770) 867-1676 
Michael Taylor (803) 237-9163                                            

AHRMA Eastern Region Trustees

Carl Anderson  Decatur, AL   (256) 353-8356
Kevin Burns    Connelly Springs, NC   (614) 519-6188
Louis LeBlanc    Baton Rouge, LA  (225) 405-8707
Fred Guidi Grafton, WV    (724) 462-1854
Arthur Kowitz  Ormond Beach, FL (386) 547-9504
Beno Rodi Winder, GA  (770) 867-1676 

AHRMA National Officials

Curtis Comer, Executive Director
Contact information coming soon

Luke Conner, Chairman of the Board of Trustees
Phone: ‭(337) 280-1066 office
email: luke.conner@ahrma.org

Faynisha Pentecost & Tony Pentecost, Roadrace Directors
Phone: Faynisha-‭(256) 506-6603‬ / Tony-(256)506-8254
email: info@fbfmail.com

Fred Guidi, Director of Off-road Competition
Phone: (724)462-1854
email: fredguidi@gmail.com 

Debbie Poole, National Trials Coordinator
Phone: (415)889-4049 office
email: pooleschl1@hotmail.com

Becky Hayes, National Cross Country Coordinator
Phone: (217) 553-1849
email: becky77m@yahoo.com

David Aldana, National Dirt Track Director
Phone: 770.653.1909;
email: davidaldana13@hotmail.com

Elli Klein, National Membership Director
Phone: (321) 277-4985‬
email: elli.klein@ahrma.org

Alice Sexton Print Communications Director/Advertising
Phone: (706) 492-5070‬
email: alice.sexton@ahrma.org

Cindy McLean Digital Communications Director/Advertising
Phone (904) 477-6987
email: cindy.mclean@ahrma.org