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Racing in 2017 and Beyond

Notes from the Coordinator, Tim Terrell. 

January marks the beginning of my second year of being Southeast Regional Coordinator. I want to apologize for taking so long to get a 2017 race schedule released; I had every intention of having it done by Thanksgiving, but due to low turnouts at the races, it was not an easy task. I believe that we as members can increase our numbers by getting excited once again about our sport, just as Fred Guidi mentioned in his “Taking it all for Granted” article in the January issue of Vintage Views. We need to invite our friends, family, associates at work, Facebook friends and even the guy just met at the local motorcycle shop to come check out a vintage race. I save my old issues of the magazine to give to people who might be interested. I have raced motorcycles for a long time and had no idea that there was such a thing as AHRMA until someone told me about it. So let’s make an effort to expose new folks to the sport we love so much.

After reading Fred’s article, I’m excited about the upcoming season I am already pondering how I can do a better job for 2018. I would like to have at least one MX race in every state in our region, but I need your help to do so. Help getting in touch with track owners and help running any races I am unable to attend. I would also like to compile a list of members who are interested in receiving pre-event email updates. And, if you have an issue with something I’m doing, please feel free to contact me so we can discuss it instead of making negative remarks on Facebook, and please have a solution or suggestion when you call because, remember, I am new at this and still learning how everything works.

A few exciting things coming up in 2017: At Zoo City, we are going to run a GP-style course which will be safer and give us more track time. I’m also really looking forward to going to the “Jammer Cup” again; Jimmy Wienert has a wonderful facility and you never know who will be there from the good old days; last year we had a ball listening to Brad Lackey’s stories of MX racing back in the day. Aonia Pass weekends are always great – a chance to ride MX, cross country, trials, TT and flat track all in one day; do it all on the same bike for a shot at the Ironman Trophy. We have two new tracks on the schedule as well, which look to be a lot of fun.

I would like to close by saying I have really enjoyed being a member of AHRMA and meeting and racing with some really good people whom I can now call friends. The motorcycle community is the best, and I am so looking forward to getting back to the races to have that fun and fellowship. Please stay in touch and I will see you at the races.

Tim Terrell (rustynutz22b@gmail.com, 336.260.1615)

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